Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Halfling Headcase

My bout with vertigo is finally over, I think, but you can't tell from these pictures I took. In my effort to create Tolkein inspired knits, I've designed three types of hooded scarves for the races of Elves, Men, and Halflings. They're a bit complicated, so I figured I needed to develop some beginner-level projects. This is my Halfling Hooded Scarf, it's simple and requireds some sewing. James was kind enough to lend a helping head.

The main piece of this Hobbit hoodie is a regular rectangular scarf knit in mistake rib , which is a 2 X 2 rib off-set by one stitch. I'm trying other reversable patterns, but I think mistake-rib has a humble appeal that's more fitting of a Hobbit. I originally intended this to be a child's scarf — no buttons nor ties. This would be good for children ages 6 and up.

The hood is formed by sewing a panel at the center back. I used a simple four-strand cable with a slightly different shade of yellow ochre (not "Yellow Oger") just for resolving pattern issues. But this would make a nice two-color scarf. I'm not a big fan of cablework on garments. Most cabled garments are over-designed in my opinion.

The hood can be worn up but it folds neatly on the back when it's worn down. Doesn't this look brooding and mysterious?
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