Monday, May 19, 2008

Knit PH at Freddy's: May 18, 2008

I was running a bit late. I met up with Eleanor and Marc at the Brooklyn Museum for the Takashi Murakami exhibit. There was some initial confusion, I waited for them in front of the museum, they waited for me in front of the exhibit. A few cell calls later we walked into an interesting show of paintings, video and scuplture. Murakami's more controversial works combine Japanese anime characters and erotic art. But more controversially, Murakami LV bags were sold in the middle of the exhibit — at $3K per handbag it's simply obscene! We went out for Mexican food right after — and apparently so did everyone else in the neighborhood. I ordered the Mexican pork chop.

The weather was heavy, humid and wet so we had a small Sunday group. Penelope, Jane and Marci were the first one's there. I set up the swift and winder in a Benadryl haze. This pollen is killing me! I haven't seen Penny and Jane in a while — busy with family and school. Penny is going to take her brother on a dumpling tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn. There's a secret dumpling house on Allen Street that has the best of all things steamed and pan-fried. I asked her about Queens "Uh! first of all you have to go to Queens..." True, Queens is a mysterious borough, but I know a few excellent Korean grills in Jackson Heights worth the trek.

The Germans' were there. Stephanie baked a Bourbon chocolate cake served with fresh whipped cream. There's a pound of butter in that batter — but that's what makes it so bad that it's gooooood. Tracey brought her friend, Greg, a fellow librarian from Montreal. Alexandra brought some hand-dyed yarn that she spun. She reported that today's Brooklyn Flea was literally a wash — it rained all day but she managed to break even with today's sales. She turns a good dollar on the online ETSY store though. Spinners are the ninjas of the fiber world. I'm impressed with how many we have in our group. Eliza, Tomo, Jane, Alexandra, Chris... I'm sure there are more who lurk quietly among us.

Jane pointed out that Tomo is currently all-about dyeing with Kool-Aid. Matter of fact, she's bringing a box of Kool-Aid with her to Japan. After seeing the post-nuclear Murakami exhibit, I can't believe there isn't an Asahi Corporation version of Kool-Aid. Kuru-Eidu? Alexandra re-skeined her hand-dyed yarn for better presentation. Jane mentioned using a knitty-noddy, a winding device that counts 3-yards per revolution. Where do I buy one of those? Sounds cool. Alexandra said she prefers using two swifts in tandem. Her yarn was varigated with blue, soft lavendar and plum. I though I was helping her but I actually got tangled in the winding process. She untangled most of it on the back of a chair and I resumed my seat. So sorry 'bout that dear. Tracey is making her first pair of socks. I gave her a quick refresher on the magic loop. I think it's funny that her brother Peter is a regular at Freddy's. I met him and his friend Bruce at the last Knit PH at Freddy's. He's been here fro Board Game Night. The evening flew by, but maybe that was the Benadryl. Victoria showed up a bit late, just in time to...

Suddenly around 9:00 a woman in thigh-high boots appeared and announced they were throwing a benefit, not listed on the calendar. I told her we'd break the group down soon but she quicklty became nasty and aggitated. Thigh-highs, the alpha female, marched over to the Germans and stated "We need this table, are you going to be here? Tsch!" One of her tribal eunuchs hastily un-crated chili pepper lights. Thigh highs kept making tsch tsch noises as if she were trying to lure a horse into the room as a few art-hair guys shoved chairs all around us. I believe we were in fact being girl-bullied. Penny asked if we should leave, I took out my camera and tripod and said, "Yeah... in about 20, 25 minutes or so." The best form of retaliation — move very, very, slowly. Next thing you know they shut off the lights. Penelope yelled out "We get the hint!" Camp Douche Bag had taken over the tree fort. We left, ever so slooowly. At the front door I reminded everyone that Knit PH takes it outdoors this summer starting in June. Stitch Therapy will be offering 10% discount cards on yarn for people that register with Knit PH. I joined the Germans at their table in the front room for a beer.

Is this years "obnoxiousness" last years grey? It's so common that it just might be fashionable. I just don't understand this era of over-entitlement in which we live. It reminded me of the time when this greasy trust fund poet and his dirty cokehead Brazilian girlfriend demanded the chair that I was sitting in. Oi vey gevault. Anyhow, 40 minutes later the band went silent. James, the electrician, showed up with his tools looking a bit irritated — bartender Eva called him in for an emergency. "They blew some fuses... stupid douche bags!" James marched directly to the back room. A bar regular, Steve stepped out for a cigarette. He said the balding white guy with ninny braids huh, not a costume? punched the mail box and screamed "I hate this F-----' bar!" and left. Poor mailbox.

Tsch, must have been those chili pepper lights.

Update June 20. '08
Management report: That group is now banned from the bar. What was that obnoxious ensemble and from whence did they come? For whom are they throwing a benefit, perhaps a douche bag in a coma?


Eliza said...

Sorry I missed it! Somehow it's easier to go to these things when I'm coming home from work and don't actually have to make the effort to leave the house (esp in the rain)!

Don't you guys have those tables reserved??? where did those people come from?

The Yarn Monkey said...

Yep. Small bar mix-up. Don, the manager forget to tell me about it. But he said that they told them they were on after we leave.

It doesn't excuse their douch-baggery.

You ready for the Park, I just signed up. I have to e-mail you and Lisa about the discount cards from Stitch Therapy.

knithound bkln said...

OMG, what a nightmare.

I agree completely about this over-entitlement era we live in! But sounds like quite an evening. I almost wish I had been there, it would have really felt good to let them have a piece of my mind. Usually I keep quiet and slink away, but something about your description really got my blood boiling!

The Yarn Monkey said...

Didn't mean to upset you. But I can't seem to stop saying the word douche bag.