Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brandi Harper is Picture Perfect

Who is this lovely lady behind that high collar? This is my friend Brandi Harper. She’s a talented designer who recently launched purlBknit, an original line of handknit casual wear. Mz. Harper has a degree in international relations, a passion for public health, and a healthy obsession with fashion and knitting. Self-taught since the age of 14, she discovered crochet and then knitting followed shortly. After spending time abroad, she returned to Brooklyn and took a leap of faith driven by passion.

Like most fashion-forward people, she designs for herself. “I only sell what I would wear. I use quality yarns that feel good and flatter the body.” Her attention to detail truly makes all the difference in creating an heirloom handknit. Rich textures, flattering colors, sleeves that flow like water, soft delicate lace, whimsical collars — no two items are alike. Words can't describe her work enough, look at these  photos that I took for her Etsy store. Cheers Brandi! I think you’ll do well.

To see more of her work, visit Etsy and her blog.
Etsy Shop:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ying, Your Poncho Is in the Mail!

Knit PH didn't meet in February, that gave me more time to finish the poncho I made for designer Ying Su. The crocuses are up, the daffodils are ready to set bud, a few star magnolias have already spent their bloom, it’s a perfect spring day here in Brooklyn... what's wrong with this picture? It’s supposed to be winter yet it’s been phenomenally warm since the fall. So far this millennium has proven to be a mysterious era for weather.

Ying Su’s classic A-line poncho evokes a by-gone era — espionage, fast cars, and mysterious women. Knit from top-down, I ran two colors of lace-weight wool with Paton’s Ram's Wool (4 @ 140 yds), and Karabella Merino Superwash (4 @ 91 yds) to create a marled stone texture. Alternating two shades of superwash white gives it very subtle stripes. I imagine Nancy Kwan throwing this on while making her get-away from Matt Helm with a stolen attaché case stowed beneath the passenger seat.

The front has an original fern leaf pattern flanked with twisted columns that travel from the turtle neck collar down to the hem. The back has simple 3 X 1 ribs. The fringe adds weight to the hem and an early '70s elegance.

I didn’t realize how big this poncho grew until I washed and blocked it — large enough to conceal a large dagger. I had to use a bigger box than the one I bought. Now all Ying needs is a pair of white rimmed sunglasses, driving gloves, and a gun. Well... I hope we actually get a real winter soon, this poncho is very warm.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Timba Get's Her Sweater!

Who is that heavenly Havanese in the soldier blue gansey? It’s Timba and she looks fetching in her new sweater — owners Mary Ann and Kathy approve. They have Phillip the Cat to thank for acting as Timba’s fit model while she was away at her lake side cottage in Florida. It fits her perfectly!

Broad ram’s horns and twisted columns travel down the back over a single rib ground. A single cable travels across the shoulder from cuff to cuff. I made a dog measurement chart to ensure an exact fit.

The body is shorter in the under carriage than on the back allowing more freedom to move about and to answer nature,... when ever she calls. Most of all it just looks just right on her. No pooch of leisure should be without a weekend sweater.