Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brandi Harper is Picture Perfect

Who is this lovely lady behind that high collar? This is my friend Brandi Harper. She’s a talented designer who recently launched purlBknit, an original line of handknit casual wear. Mz. Harper has a degree in international relations, a passion for public health, and a healthy obsession with fashion and knitting. Self-taught since the age of 14, she discovered crochet and then knitting followed shortly. After spending time abroad, she returned to Brooklyn and took a leap of faith driven by passion.

Like most fashion-forward people, she designs for herself. “I only sell what I would wear. I use quality yarns that feel good and flatter the body.” Her attention to detail truly makes all the difference in creating an heirloom handknit. Rich textures, flattering colors, sleeves that flow like water, soft delicate lace, whimsical collars — no two items are alike. Words can't describe her work enough, look at these  photos that I took for her Etsy store. Cheers Brandi! I think you’ll do well.

To see more of her work, visit Etsy and her blog.
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