Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mercury Men's Cycling Cap

The Mercury Men's Cycling Cap pattern is available through PayPal on Ravelry.com. To Purchase click below.

Mercury Men's Cycling Cap is recommended for advanced knitters who are experienced with sewing and crocheting. This 8-page pattern is written in men's sizes small, medium, and large. This the perfect cap for avid cyclists and active people. It's a soft, durable, and fits into a small bag or a back pocket.

This pattern features pictorial instructions for special techniques:
• short row
• overhand stitch (sewing)
• mattress stitch(sewing)
• reverse crochet border (crab stitch)
• crochet welts

I recommend two DK cotton yarns: Mirasol "Cotanani" (60 cotton/40 merino) and "Ti'ka" (100% Pima cotton). The cotton doesn't pill and it's very soft even after numerous washings, so it's perfect for kids. On a sweaty day cotton wicks moisture away from your head. The finished cycling cap should be hand washed only.

The short visor uses a sewn-in felt support, which adds durability and structure to this cap. This pattern includes visor templates in three sizes.

Mercury's ribbed center strap provides a firm a snug fit. but it's roomy and stretchy so it won't mess your hair. The center strap tapers gently towards the back.


knithound bkln said...

That is one fine hat, my friend!

Karen said...

Nice hat -- please let me know when the pattern is ready.
Thanks -

Sara said...

I crochet and am trying to crochet a cycling cap. This hat seems perfect compared to the others I have found, but this is knitted...is there any way you can translate the pattern into a crocheting pattern? Or if you knew of a similar hat that is crocheted...Thanks

Marieta said...

Who knew my "little" brother had such talents?? I want one...AND, I'
ll even pay you for it! Do you have any in red? My head's a bit small - any in women's sizes? Love ya! M