Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Wedge of Pork Pie for Summer

Spring leaves are out, the sound of hatchlings peep through the trees outside my window, and the smell of fresh laundry hangs in the air. Summer is almost upon us. I’ve been working on my Kings County Pork Pie hat. This summer a few of these will be sold at Ozzie’s Coffee Shop here in Park Slope, along with other fine handmade goods.

This hat is similar to the crochet Pork Pie that I designed for Vogue Knitting — except that my Kings County Pork Pie is worked entirely in Tunisian Crochet ribbon. This woven crochet stitch closely resembles straw ribbon.

Tunisian Crochet is very firm — this and the combination of materials hold the brim upright. I used  slate linen/silk (School Products) and charcoal linen paper (Habu) yarns to create a crisp yet lived-in look. People will argue that gray is not a color, but I find that it does complement all colors.

This man’s hat is understated luxury at it’s finest. All it needs is the right band. Here are a few detail photos.

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