Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mercury Rising

This 8-page Mercury Cycling Cap is available on PayPal and Ravelry ($10.00/3 Sizes: Men's XL, L,M). To purchase click below.

Well, the NicoDerm™ patch has given me a rash. It might coincide with smoking while using the patch, but let's not split hairs. Why is quitting so difficult? I am smoking less, so that's a good start. So I'm almost ready to launch my first e-booklet: "Mercury Cycling Cap".

I wrote this pattern for 3 men's sizes (M, L, XL). My friend Heather is doing me the gracious favor of copy editing. I set up PayPal. The Yahoo store still needs more programming. But more importantly, I've road-tested this hat. It's been test-knitted in three sizes, worn, washed, crammed in bag... chewed by a dog. It holds up well.

It took a while to arrive at a format after studying patterns that I've purchased — online and off. Mercury is written for the advanced knitter, but I'll be releasing patterns for beginner and intermediate levels as well. This e-booklet has pictoral how-to's for tips and special intructions. I'm no Avedon, but it does help having a decent camera and a lighting system.

Hopefully I'll get the store up and running sooner than later.

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