Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adam O. Turns 50

I sold my first hat pattern this week! Thanks Archie. I'm still proofing the others to put up on my Ravelry Shop for fall. The real shop is in progress.

Adam celabrated 50 on Saturday — hat's off to Adam Osterfled! Sigmund Meachum up-staged the birthday boy with one of her hat designs. Although he and Janice moved out of the 5 borough area, Janice threw him a party in the theater district at Pomaire. We don't see each other often, so this became a small Brooklynite reunion. Most of us have known each other since the '80s, but haven't seen each other since 2002.

Janice couldn't resist trying on Sig's black floral applique hat. Sigmund has her own millinery line, and also designs for Broadway Theater. She's recently worked on the revival of "South Pacific".

Of course Maureen had to join in — three Brooklyn beauties involved in a mugging, for the camera that is. I made Adam a red and grey cycling cap, it almost fits his son Ellis — kids grow up so fast. Ellis is now in second grade, old enough to handle my camera. He took most of the party pictures.

There's almost a Weegie/Arbus quality to some of these photos.

This one looks like an Edward Hopper painting. That's Craig at the table.

Ellis took this picture of his dad showing off the goods to Karl and Beth. In other news Adam has completed his masters in teaching. We'll have to call him Mr. Osterfeld from here on. A toast, good friends, good times, congratulations Adam! And Thank sto Janice for getting us all together.

For a slide show of Ellis O's photography CLICK HERE.

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