Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tropical Heatwave

We've had three straight days with evening temps at 90°! Brooklyn is boiling. When I got back to my aparment and opened the door, it felt as if I were checking for bread in an oven. This past Saturday, Matt and Adrianne had their annual summer party. It was a lot more subdued than last years party — with the hotdog eating contest, eww.

I kept hoping it would rain, at least that would've broken the humidity. Everyone pitched in with food — Matt put some burgers and dogs on the grill, I brought a cold tuna casserole, Dan made his Korean shortribs, and Ellen made potato salad. The coolers were generously stocked with beer, but the though of drinking made me a bit queezy. I pointed out to Chris that I designed the label on his beer, "Hop Devil" from Victory. I'm sure he still doesn't believe me. I had grapefruit juice most of the evening. I actually stuck an ice-cold can of beer down the back of my shirt until it went warm.

Every now and then a breeze blew past me. I retreated to the comfort of an airconditioned room with Pat and Paul, but soon enough other people caught on.

These ladies braved the heat in cool cotton dresses. It always helps to smile.

And of course, the kitchen was a hub of activity, no matter how hot and crowded it got. Someone asked how Guam's weather was different from a New York heatwave. Although I don't go back home often, I remember that evening always cooled down considerably. I also think eating a lot of spicey foods help cool the body down.

Jared F. (Brooklyn Tweed) e-mailed me back, we're supposed to get together about knit stuff. He's still out in Oregon, mild 70° weather, clear skies and all. I like his work, I complimented him on the red sweater on his blog — very ingenious. He has many fans among Knit PH, including me.


Eliza said...

I want to hear about this meeting! (Can you invite him to our Meet up??)

The Yarn Monkey said...

Sure, I don't see why not. As long as you don't chloroform him and kidnap him. I invited him to Knit PH, he's always welcomed.