Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knit PH at Freddy's: July 20, '08

A nice small crowd at Freddy's, that meant more AC for us. Eearlier that day Tomo e-mailed me about bringing the yardage counter. It never occured to me that it doesn't convert to meters. She's been in yardage recovery mode — buying stoop sale sweaters and frogging them for yarn. Eliza brought some of her home-spun Kool Aid-dyed yarn, just enough to make a neck warmer. It still had that blackberry and wool smell. Last week Eliza needed a five-foot long branch for the play she and her husband, Christopher, are producing ("Couldn't Say"). I got her in touch with a former co-worker, Barb, at the BBG. It's for a highway scene. We welcomed new member Hibba to our group.

Archie popped by. I told him to drop in if he needed any help with the Mercury cycling cap that I designed. I'm doing some focus testing on Ravelry. I liked his choice of colors, bright yellow and blue in Mirasol "Ti' ki", a very soft Pima cotton. I explained the pattern theory, caught some typos, then turned around and spilled beer on his yarn and print-out. What a mess. I blame the heat. Archie thought about using wool for the cycling cap. He felt that wool might wick moisture better than cotton. I said "I've never seen a wool towel." Mercury would make a nice fall hat in a DK wool, maybe Lang "Silk Dream".

Elle and Victoria showed up. Elle's daughter is looking at colleges, Oberlin seems to be a good candidate. I hadn't seen Victoria in while, she was working on a charcoal grey winter sweater. She also brought her stash down to swift and wind. I worked on some di shapes for a baseball cap, written for intermediate knitters. I'm also getting the braided scarf pattern ready to release on Ravelry. Before the night was up Eliza got up and spilled water on Hibba's work. And what did we learn from the beer spilling episode?

You can't beat AC, beer, and knitting.

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