Gambesons of the Sahul:
A Live Action Role-playing Game

This LARP project is in development. It’s based on an original story of the same name, it involves teams of live action role players competing to capture each other’s flags by battling through an obstacle course. Over 80,000 years ago as the climate changed, Sundahnese and Sahulian warriors fought a brutal battle over the Suhal River Valley. A mythical, coveted stretch of land that lay between modern day Australia and New Guinea. Teams are defined by knit gear and weapons as they battle to take over the fertile land between them. For updates, follow us on FaceBook: Gambesons of the Sahul. To learn how to get involved, contact us.

Knit PH
Knit PH is a Brooklyn-based social media group dedicated to the crafts of knitting and crocheting. These meet-ups are not instructional sessions, although most members are happy to lend a hand. Men are encouraged and the folks are friendly. To join Knit PH on