Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truck Stop Meatloaf Made with Potato Chips

A moist delicious meatloaf and a salty waitress — these are some fond memories of a college road trip and a truck stop diner. I love meatloaf, especially when it’s made with potato chips. The best part is having enough left over to make sandwiches the next day. I’ve heard the life span of a good meatloaf is four days, but there's rarely enough left over to find out.

The tangy ketchup sauce is very important, it keeps everything moist as it bakes‚ I call it the protective ketchup barrier. Although people balk about using Liquid Smoke, I think it gives this meal an extra BBQ flavor that kicks the cold out of a chilly evening.

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sonny lee said...

looks delicious, hope to see the ingredients and recipe of this. truck stop in chippenham