Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ea Z. Baby Quilt

“Dan, how long is the  baby?” “15  inches, why?”  Washed, blocked, and pressed — this baby quilt is done and done! I wanted to make make sure it was big enough before I caught the G train for a visit. Ea Zarathustra Davis is the man of the hour and what a handsome little fellow he is.

This is the “Ea Z. Baby Quilt,” a modular hexagonal knit that’s surprisingly simple to make, although it took me a few collective weeks to design and knit. It’s soft and durable, made from Lang Cashmere Tweed and Cascade 220 in shades of pumpkin and tangerine. It’s about 30" at it’s widest point, but since it’s modular it can be made larger.

Wardrobe is very important to a growing baby. As soon as he outgrows his AC/DC T-shirts, he’ll have a new Pantera onesie pressed and waiting for him. I'll also have some hats ready for him by then.

More late nights are ahead for Dan and Carrie, and there will be some adjustment for Casandra the cat. But this little trouble maker is worth all of that. Maybe Casandra needs her own quilt.


daisybrain said...

OK Tony. That quilt is freakin gorgeous. Your friends make out well. Tracy

Antonio Limuaco said...

Thanks Mz. B.

IT Strategy Guy said...

i look exactly as tired as i felt