Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year’s Day 2012

My friend Paul James said something T-shirt worthy the other day: “If you've survived 2011, you win.” The Year in Review reminds me that 2011 left behind a wake of challenge for so many people: world wide natural disasters, the repercussions of global financial collapse, political unrest, the ravages of war, a weak job market, record unemployment. It’s difficult for most to look up and see stars when there's so much garbage afoot.

But today the sun set beautifully over Coney Island on a chilly New Year’s day. With a new year comes a breath of hope and a fresh start. A woolly blanket of clouds pulled over a clear turquoise sky as stragglers on the pier waited for the first star to appear. With hands in the pockets they looked up to make a wish before they headed home. The sun winked its copper eye and sunk into the ocean, then all bade Coney a sweet good night. Coney Island, you are the unpolished jewel buried in a drawer in a second hand store.

Nathan’s still stands on the corner of economic change.

The masters of the sky look for a stray hot dog bun on the boardwalk.

Stragglers and gulls comb an empty beach for treasure.

The Polar Bears were here...

and here.

The boardwalk stalls were closed...

but Ruby’s celebrates an extended lease on life.

The sun set quickly over a raging tide.

Some gathered on the pier waiting for the first star to appear.

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