Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Ebb Tide Scarf

It’s always a bit difficult naming something, I think that’s why some great works of art are left untitled. Sometimes I employ a loose organic process to jog my brain. First I come up with names that I would never use: Sandy Ripples... sounds like a stripper; Tsunami... too soon; Duin-hir (River Lord)... I’ll get sued by the Tolkein Foundation; Esoteric Waves... too esoteric... etc. And when I’m done laughing, I think of more realistic possibilities for names.

For now I’m calling this pattern Ebb Tide. This winding, seven foot long scarf is a gift from Clive Baillie to his wife, Dawn. This original pattern is part of my Eleven Anthropology collection.

Much like the ribbed impressions left in the sand as the tide pulls away, Ebb Tide reminds me of a bygone day. With every twist and turn, it walks me down a familiar shore past the remains of sand castles, listening to the echo of crashing waves. I can almost feel the wet sand crushing between my toes.

This scarf is made with Aurora 4 (Karabella Yarns), a DK weight super washed merino. It’s very light and warm, perfect for chilly evenings on the beach. It has such an elegant drape — it unfurls like silken strands of seaweed.


Rowan Moore Seifred said...

Beautiful design!

Antonio Limuaco said...

Thanks Ro

Antonio Limuaco said...

Have you considered changing your name to Sandy Ripples?

Karen Updike said...

Ouuu, that's pretty!

the greenhorn knitter said...

Just lovely!