Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dust Off Those Needles...

2012 draws to an end, a year of extremes from politics to weather. Barack Obama remains president for four more years. A grueling presidential race brought out how polarized we Americans have become—culturally, ideologically and monetarily. Can Barry pull it all together in four years? We’ll soon find out.

Last week Hurricane Sandy carved a devastating trail through most of the East Coast. Houses washed away liked shoes boxes, downed power lines strewn about as tidal waves pushed inland—many are still in the dark or homeless. I'm amazed the subways came back so quickly after I saw how tunnels and lowland areas flooded.

I never underestimate the damage that water and flowing currents can wield. I felt fortunate that we didn’t lose power as so many did. Quite a few of my friends have lost their homes and cars.

It’s been a while since I picked up a pair of needles. I’ve been busy with another project; my Kimcheelicious eCookbook is going well. I have 30 recipes out of 60 fully tested. I have now made over 180 pounds of Napa cabbage kimchee over the course of this project thus far. I’ve met many folks who are interested in the book and am developing some products based on my research. I’m even giving a food demo and lecture at the Bowery Culinary Center. I’ve also developed quite a following on Tumblr... but this is topic of another blog.

On November 5th, I started this scarf at our Knit PH meetup at Hungry Ghost CafĂ©. I think we all needed to get out after being cooped up through the hurricane. This black Mobeus scarf was actually inspired by Hurricane Sandy. It’s a haphazard arrangement of reversible cables that start off and end in simple 2 X 2 ribs.

On the news we watched in awe as growing streams turned into raging rivers taking cars and houses along with it. Over social media we read as friends announced they were evacuating their homes. Familiar city streets turned into river banks in empty canyons of buildings. Sandy was the great equalizer for the monied and the have-nots. I watched people were evacuated from coastal and lowland areas. Many were left with nothing. And yet again we just got through a Nor’easter.

I sewed the open ends of this scarf together to create a seamless Mobeus strip that traveled through a river of cables and met at simple ribs. As the city recovers and people try their best to reclaim their lives, we are all due for better weather.