Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knit PH at the BMA: August 23, 2008

Marci told us that on her way back from the restroom the guard commented that our knitting circle was knitting in a circle — around a tree. It did look as though we were coaching a tree on the finer points of yarn craft. Lisa, Hibba, and Tracey arrived shortly. The sculpture garden at the Brooklyn Museum is one of my favorite places to knit. It's so quiet and there's always a cool breeze. One would never guess that Eastern Parkway was on the other side of the building.

Marci's winter jacket is in progress, she's almost done.  She completed this beautiful Swiss Cheese scarf crocheted with Noro Silk Garden. The texture reminds me of seaweed or drift wood. She's almost finished with her crochet shawl collar wrap jacket. Eliza and her husband spent some time up in Maine while their floors were being re-sanded. This gave her time to catch up on her dyeing. I love the color of her super-wash roving, she used the local goldenrod. I'm amazed this north eastern weed associated with allergies can yeild a soft sweet-butter color. This will eventually be spun into yarn.

Lisa was almost done with her tank top. I think this is a Nora Gaughan pattern. She used Berroco "Seduce". Lisa ripped out the collar a few times to get the right turn on the edge — body #7, collar and edges #5. She took a break from hosting the August "Knit in the Park". I suppose we can meet outdoors until the season grows too cold and dark. Lisa and I are the smokers in the group. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all bad. Smoke. Knit. Purl. Smoke. Blah blah blah.

But Tomo has quit smoking for over two weeks now. I think it's great that she has. On a more colorful note, Tomo is now teaching a seminar at ETSY Labs this Sepetmber here in Brooklyn: Dyeing with Kool-aid. Her dye work is simply gorgeous, with a masterful skill that caustic childhood beverage yeilds a range of beautiful bold colors. So far turn out has been good. People are dyeing to know.

Tomo, Hibba, Lisa and Eliza are test knitting Mannik Monkey and Pax L. Possum for me. Lisa already caught some errors among the typos. I'm working on a "Last Supper" diorama with monkeys for when I launch the Yarn Monkey store. I thought about doing the "14 Stations of the Cross" (the 15th station is for Easter only), but chances are I'd probably get firebombed by some Christian fundamentalist weaver. Maybe "Washington Crossing the Delaware" is more agnostic... and fire-proof.

Across the courtyard, a crew was busy constructing a large platform for the Panarama, the first evening of the West Indian Parade. The parade marks our summer coming to an end. August has been the cooler month of summer, which is highly unusual. The drone of cicadas has almost ceased, completing their 3-week life cycle and the sun is setting a bit earlier. I'm glad Eliza and Lisa took Knit PH outdoors this summer. During the winter, we'll all look back on warm days, a cool breeze and good conversation.


Eliza said...

We'll have one more outside in Sept, right? And should we figure out our new indoor location?

I think I'm going to start the monkey today. :)

The Yarn Monkey said...

Agreed. As long as the weather holds out, let's keep September outdoors. Thanks for monkey-ing around with the pattern.

I have time this week and next to approach other venues, in lieu of Maha's. Bummer.

knithound brooklyn said...

Guys the only thing about knitting in the Park is it needs to be during the day, and the days are getting shorter. So scheduling something mid-week after work doesn't work! That's one reason why we put a hiatus on the Park knitting!

The Yarn Monkey said...

True. Unless we start the ever trendy mining-hat knitting. Hmmmm. Let's take this discussion to the Ravelry board.