Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ring

In a conversation with my mother, the topic of marriage came up as two of my childhood friends who are now divorced are living together but not planning on marriage. Being a stern Catholic, Vesta disapproves of "living in sin." She expressed her displeasure. I replied "Mom, we live in different times. Murder is a sin, living together is a plan." She laughed. I told mom I had a proposal of my own.

Of the many creative things I do, I'm not very good at planning great romantic surprises. Singing telegrams, a man in a bear costume (huh?), a mime with a message, hiding the ring in pudding, poetry (eeew) — none of these suggestions for presenting a ring seemed appealing — or for that matter sane. Can you imagine someone choking on an engagement ring over the course of dinner as you read poetry?

On a muggy Sunday morning I handed Stephanie something from my bag "I made you something pretty." She wondered why I handed her a massive old-lady flower. She said it was nice.

I hid her ring in a large ivory silk flower that I made. I asked her to turn it over, then I pulled a ring out from the nest of petals.

On this summer morning, August 23 2009, I asked Stephanie Wissinger to marry me. She smiled and said yes and we kissed. I cried a little.

What's next? A date perhaps? Kinda spooky. Only the future can really tell, but getting married is a good start — I think. In order to walk, one must first put a foot in motion.

This exquisite piece of jewelry was hand-made for Stephanie by Caroline Glemann — a beveled oval aquamarine sits high above diamond stars, set in white gold. It shines sweetly, like the best piece of candy you've ever had.
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