Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Ranger: A Hooded Scarf

No paladin or blade-carrying warrior should be without proper outerwear, especially when stalking the enemy in winter. This is Green Ranger, a long hooded scarf. It's one in a series of LOTR inspired knits. This is a late birthday/ on-time Christmas gift for a friend who is an aspiring Elven Thief. Ori, one of the partners at Prospect Perk Cafe, was kind enough to show it off for me.

Green Ranger is made from 6 balls of Louet "Riverstone" (bulky, 165 yds per skein) and one ball of Filtes Filati "Extra" (bulky, 99 yds per ball). The hood took the longest to figure out. The hood's facing has a sewn hem construction for stability, otherwise it flops around the face too much — which makes it difficult to handle bladed and bow weapons.

I made the top of the hood with "Extra" — it softer on the skin than "Riverstone." Green Ranger is knit from the hood down. Expanding symmetrically into a back panel, which is wide enough to cover the back like a small capelet. Mirrored cables flank the center of the back panel over a mossy ground.

Both moss scarf panels are each about 4 feet long, finished with simple 4-plait braids. It's long enough to wrap over the shoulders and back to the front.

This garment is part hoody, scarf, and Balaclava, but I don't think anyone will remember a name like hood-scar-clava. It's very warm. By the way, I also made that green dragon head on the wall.

Are there any lady Rangers out there? I've met only a few. Although Green Ranger is intended to be a man's garment, Anastasia, one of our Knit PH members proved us wrong. She suggested that it needs a clasp or a button at the neck, for security when evading rogue LARPers while skulking through a bog. Women really know how to wear scarves.

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