Monday, December 29, 2008

Quenya Travel Cap

I made this Quenya Travel Cap for my friend Deike — it's another in a series of LOTR inspired knits... and a late Christmas gift. Deike and Dave Benjoya lead the German Language Studies Group at Freddy's Bar. Quenya is the Grey Elvish language created by Tolkein. So far no one has started a Quenya Language Studies Group, it might conflict with a Tengwar Poetry Slam.

This Elven travel cap fits perfectly under a bike helmet or any plate or scale armor helmet for that matter. All Elven-kind should have one of these when setting out to travel into uncertain weather. This Chulo-style cap is similar in structure to the Mercury Cycling Cap, but it sits much looser on the head. The sides are knit down from the center strap converging into long (20") three-plait braids.

These are Deike’s favorite color: chocolate, steel gray, and saffron. I used the four-plait cable as a theme. It’s a simple and effective pattern that sits well on a garter ground. The ear flaps tie over the head or around the back, or under the chin.

Rosie and James are always up for a quick hat demonstration. Rosie Rebel is a sketch comedienne in New York's new vaudevillian scene. She works with James at Prospect Perk Cafe.

The saffron bullion marks the back of the hat. I added frog-buttons at the bottom of each ear flap as another way of joining the flaps closed, other than just tying the straps together. These are Deike's favorite colors: chocolate, steel gray, and saffron.

I wanted the top to look like burnished metal plate armor and the sides to look like aged leather so I used cold gray Debbie Bliss "Alpaca Silk" for the braided center strap and a heathered brown Berroco "Peruvia" for the sides of the hat. I have no idea what brand the DK saffron colored yarn is. I know it's made from cashmere and wool. I only had enough to make small well-placed details.

The saffron bullion is a 3/8" plastic button with a crochet slip stitch cover. It gives the button more substance and it stops the peak from curling upwards. Although it's intended to sit on back, Rosie pointed out it looks more humorous when worn on the front. I just think it looks real dorky that way, but to each his own.


knithound brooklyn said...

that is completely awesome. When will you publish this pattern?

The Yarn Monkey said...

Well, when I get over this cold. My head is so clogged right now.