Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Well Earned Cat Nap

Poor Sockey, he never stood a chance. His little red eye blinked neath the weight of this vicious sweater-clad killer. A long drawn out pursuit of stalking and hunting stuffed critters has left Phillip worn out. It’s time he took a well earned nap to recharge his batteries... until dinner of course.

Off the to cat quilt he went with a blue mouse in tow. I have to say this cat quilt was a brilliant idea. Phillip now prefers this to napping on my sweaters.

This tough guy is getting sleepy, his big cats eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Time to tuck him in.

Yawn.. stretch... he’s out. What do you suppose he dreams about anyway? Sweet dreams my Brooklyn beast, there will be more things to chase tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Cat + sweater + so much cuteness! I love that your cat looks so relaxed and comfortable in his stylish attire. That's a gorgeous cat blanket also.

Antonio Limuaco said...

That quilt saved my sweaters.

the greenhorn knitter said...

I don't have words to describe the cuteness here. ;)

Antonio Limuaco said...

Cuteness is first choice of weaponry.

Aijung Kim said...

i just discovered your blog and i can't believe your cat looks so content in his sweater! my cat doesn't even sleep on the rug i wove him. and he'd probably claw my eyes out if i tried to put him in a sweater. you guys must have a very special bond :)

love all your knits!

Antonio Limuaco said...

You wove your cat a rug? Awesome.