Monday, December 26, 2011

It’s a Dog’s Life

If this sweaters seems a bit big in the chest, that’s because this is actually a sweater for a dog named Timba — my friend Jenn's mother’s Lhasa Apso. Phillip the Cat is just my fit model. I wanted to make sure the sleeve placement was directly below the body.

I love this tweedy blue yarn, it’s dog-worthy. The sweater is knit up to the neck and down the body from a central back strap. This design has a lot of opportunity for applying patterns.

The back strap has simple 3 X 3 cable that travels from sleeve to sleeve. The neckline is turned at the chest for a better fit, ending in a reinforced mock turtle collar.

Broad ram’s horns and twisted columns travel down the back over a single rib ground. The body itself is shorter in the under carriage (than on the back). This allows more freedom to... do what dogs naturally do. The garter stitch hem give it more elasticity and stability.

Washed, blocked and pressed flat — this sweater was delivered. Oddly enough it’s going to Florida for now. Maybe I should have made Timba a Guayabara, I don’t know how I would have finished this without Phillip’s help. He’s such a good sport. Thanks again Phillip, there’s a bag of treats with your name on it.

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