Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time Was Here

Stephanie and I made Christmas dinner for her parents. They ordered a Walbaum's Turkey dinner — 10 lb. turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, and gravy. I watched "A Christmas Story" and "Babes In Toyland" with her parents while Steph got everything in the oven. Dinner was ready near the end of "A Christmas Story." I've actually never seen either movie all the way through. Steph set the table while I ground a new edge on the carving knife. Dinner was perfect with very little effort. How can anyone beat that? Steph made a chocolate pound cake for dessert. After the gift exchange I carved and packed the turkey away for her parents, but we took some of the left-overs for sandwiches. Soon we were off again. We caught the LIRR back to Brooklyn in time for Riley and Marlene's Christmas party in Bed-Stuy.

Marlene made a Hungarian vegetarian goulash with home made spätzle egg dumplings — it was unbelievably delicious. It really tasted like pork! But for good measure Riley made a baked ham. The apartment was packed with people... Dave, Bill and Margie, Owen and Stephie, Morgan, Matt and Adrianne, Shuhei, Pat and Ellen, Ian and Millie, the two cats, a baby... etc. the Holidays seem to be the only time I get to catch up with friend's, although the conversations are always brief and fleeting.

A few beer-runs later, the party came to an end. Five of us got a ride back in Owen and Stephie's car. It was a bit crammed. The people who were waiting for us to pull out of teh parking space laughed as Owen climbed into the back hatch. An idea formed en route "Let's go to Freddy's for a night cap!" Not a bad idea, but it was so packed in there it was un-enjoyable. So in the spirit of Christmas we all walked down the street to O'Connor's.

It was quiet, the crowd was at human scale — 11 people, maybe less. Young Mattie was bartending, nice fella. So we had our last beers and a toast. Adrianne reminded us about her birthday party on Sunday, also known as the bad movie festival. Sunday's featured flick will be "Cool As Ice" starring Vanilla Ice. I think last year's movie was "Glitter" with Mariah Carey. By the time Stephanie and I got home it was around 4:00 am. It's amazing how that last beer turns into a few more. Steph looked through her bag and said "Crap, I left the turkey in Marlene's fridge." Riley and the cats will have a a much deserved treat.

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