Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September Wedding

I tried to quite smoking last week Thursday, so I bought the Nicorette® Fresh Mint™ Gum (qt. 100). After the fresh mintiness wore off it left the skeletal remains of chaw flavor. So with that, and the fact that I hate having stuff in my mouth all day, I went back to smoking. I'll try the patch.

I think there was a movie called "The Bride Wore Red". Well, this past Saturday the bride did in fact wear red. I designed a wedding shrug for my friend Caroline (yeah, Dan got married too). I was actually one of the groomsman, the one with the camera. When they made their entrance on the prominade the whole park stopped to look. The dress was made by East Village designer, Selma Karaca. Whoa!

Simply put, Selma's work is beautiful. When Caroline and I went to her Bushwick studio for a fitting, Selma was working on the most incredible flamenco dresses for a dance troup from Madrid while also getting ready for a show in Las Vegas. She was busy but very generous with her time. She served us Turkish coffee, pastries with cheese, home-made jam and good conversation.

The body of the shrug was inspired by a Spanish mantilla pattern. The sleeves were inspired by images of kelp and coral that Caroline and I found on the web. A Chinese woman complimented me on the phoenix sleeves. I replied "Oh, is that's what they're called?" I though she was describing some traditional Asian garment, but she really meant Phoneix from the X-MEN. I like how the back came together. The shrug melts right into Selma's dress.

The ceremony itself was informal and intimate, around 60 guests. They wrote their own vows, Caroline, a jewelry designer (Studio 174), made the rings. Dan's ring was handsome and simple, burnished platimun. Caroline's ring was 22 k yellow gold, it had organic motifs just as the shrug did. It was a great feeling to see Dan and and Caroline so happy, surrounded by friends and family. It was such a great day to get married, a warm clean fall day. There were actually six other weddings in DUMBO park that afternoon but we had the prime spot by the bay. Booya!

The reception was held at their loft in DUMBO, they had a full-service bar and an incredible spread that included savory charcuterie, figs, concord grapes, rustic breads, duck confit, braised greens, and fingerling beef and pork tamales. They held an after-party at the private room of the bar downstairs, more food, more drinks. Dan and Caroline, congratulations on such a warm and wonderful occassion.

I'm trying the patch next week.


staceyjoy said...

Tony, that shrug is perfection, a real work of art. It's the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

The Yarn Monkey said...

Thanks Stacey, that's a huge complement coming from you. Your stuff rocks the box! I'm very proud of it. It's the first fully crocheted thing I've made beyond a potholder.

Anonymous said...

Any chance at getting the pattern out there??