Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Cloche Look at Marlene

Voila! This is the second cloche made for chanteuse extraordinaire, Mz. Courtney Louvre. Mz. Louvre recently joined French power-pop band Les Sans Culottes. This is the Marlene Calla Cloche inspired by the enigmatic silver screen siren, Marlene Dietrich. The eyelet cap is crocheted in arcade stitch, the soft brim is made with Tunisian crochet. This cloche drapes gently over the brow like the silken petal of Calla Lily. Mysterious, no?

Marlene Calla Cloche is a work in progress. I scheduled a fitting with Mz. Louvre for Thursday. I'm not sure where the front or back is yet... perhaps it doesn't matter. Here's a preview.

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