Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Knit PH at Maha's: May 5, 2008

Finally, a warm freakin' day! This weather has been all over the map and I'm so sick of being cold. Maha's cafe always looks like summer, I was craving the zatar bread with cheese and lentil soup. This is the last knit at Maha's for the season. Much like harp seals, Knit PH will migrate outdoors this summer but will return indoors for winter. We have two new people in our group, Hyeran and Melissa. They saw my shrug in VK and wanted to meet me. Of course the first thing I said was "I am so sorry, please go to VK's web site for errata." I'm very flattered that someone wanted to congratulate me on that pattern, instead of wanting to stab me in the eye. Hyeran even brought the Spring/Summer '08 Issue of VK. Hyeran works in book publishing at Scholastic. I told her that Chris is also from Scholastic, but they didn't know each other. and of course Marci, from Crown Publishing. This is the last week for the Crochet Coral Reef exhibit, Marci is one of the participants. I didn't get to see the show, but she brought in a work in progress, a soft crochet star.

This is the last Knit PH at Maha's for the season. This summer we take it outdoors for the first time. Lisa, Eliza and I have been e-mailing each other about plans for knitting in Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum sculpture garden (respectively). Socks are still all the rage — Archie, Hyeran, Melissa, Tracey and Lisa were comparing footage. Tomo, on the other hand, has broken the fifth wall of hand-dyed yarn. She dyed a sock yarn that makes a self-patterning hounds-tooth check! Whoa???! She strung the yarn over the length of her apartment to calculate the pattern.

It's good to see Eliza back in the group, she's been occupied but not in the best way possible. Her husband Chris was mugged and badly hurt. He's still recovering from his head injury: a fractured cheek bone. It's been a long road for them so far, it just might be a bit longer. The good news is that Chris' vision has improved. He's a writer and a professor at NYU. Eliza has found solice and comfort in spinning — Chris bought her a spinning wheel and roving as a present a while back. She and Tomo got together and Kool-Aid dyed some roving — It was still wet, and Black Cherry/sheep scented. From and earlier spin Eliza made a deep plum neck warmer.

Before we left, Maha gave us a each a piece of baclava. It was a sweet way to end the indoor sessions. Reminder: Make Maha two infant-size hats for her new twin nieces.

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