Sunday, March 14, 2010

Knit PH at Prospect Perk Café, March 9, '10

Another warm night in winter — 70°. The weather has been unusually warm but I'm not complaining.

I had been craving an almond croissant all day. Kelly arrived first, she's new to the group. I introduced myself as bits of almonds flew from my mouth. She and Mariam are both in the legal field.

Look at Lindey's baby blanket. She has a good eye for color and texture — bold stripes of cream and moss. She the shell pattern is simple, it's based on a pillow sham (I think).

Evelyn used to knit a long while back and she's picked up her needles again. I helped her kick-start a sweater for her husband Tom. Tom is one of my drinking buddies.

Pat arrived later along with Liz and Amy. She brought her new-new project. We can't say that Marci is new to knitting anymore, she's crossed over to the "dark side" from the world of crochet. Although Knit PH is not a "learning circle" or a class, we've all helped each other along with information.

But learn we more than knitting, Meg L. pointed me towards KickStarter, an angle capital organization. She's been one of my biggest supporters of my LOTR  project.
Meanwhile Meg is contempled her next project, a lace skirt. But what would one wear under it? Men's knits are never that complicated. As long as a sweater can disguise a beer gut and a dirty t-shirt it has done its job.

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