Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chew Chew Trained

This is Franky Meatballs Sternfeld, my friend Mikey's dog. Franky is a 3-year old pit-bulldog mutt who's slowly growing out of puppyhood. He's actually a well behaved dog, but unfortunately Franky chews everything — gloves, towels, loose string, carpet, shirt buttons... everything.

In the canine world chewing is essential to keeping a dogs mouth clean, just as flossing is to we humans. So I made Franky a bone shaped toy in hopes that he'd leave Mike's things be.

When Mike showed it to Franky, he jumped around trying to take it from Mike's hand. Mike made him sit first. He carefully took it in his mouth, and then a ran away with it. Mike says it's been his favorite toy ever since.

This "Dog-a-bone" is much like the one I made for Eric and Lynn's pup, Charlie. This one is much bigger — 15" long, 4" wide at the center.

No toy is really dog proof, but it's been about a month so far and the only damage is a little 1/2" hole and dog slobber.

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