Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elvish Summer Casuals

Gabbie wants to wear her Baratheyl Bolero for more than one occasions this summer. I told her I'd strip it down into something more casual after the wedding — she might even have it dyed. I popped into Stitch Therapy to say hey to Maxcine and to ask Brandi for a favor — Brandi was gracious enough to be my fit model for Gabrielle's Barathyel Bolero. My favorite home girl's come home — she's back in Brooklyn while on school break from the Paris program.

The Fly-girl Test
Brandi slipped it on and moved her arms up and around to make sure the sleeves didn't crawl up. The bell sleeves needed more weight, the flap also needed more structure. I like Maxcine's Roman clasp, Brandi used it to close the top. It's funny how girls know what to do with a garment.

"Baby, don't you make anything for the big girls? That top is fly!" a shop patron said as she put down her baby sweater and gestured at her ample decollete. "I used to be Brandi's size but look at me now. You can't hide the pride!"

I have admit, I blushed. I just nodded my head in agreement, I felt anything I'd say might come off offensively.

The Shrug Test
The big girls dilemma — many knit patterns aren't made for the plus size gal, and they're usually displayed by someone who looks like they haven' eaten in days. Many full-bodied beauties knit and sew for themselves because they can't buy something in their size. You just can't take a Barbie-sized concept and simply make it bigger. How do we address America's growing needs?

Brandi shrugged her shoulders up and down and did a runway walk around the shop to make sure the back stayed in place. The mantle needed a few adjustments — the hem turned inwards and clung to her dress. Everything needs a few adjustments.

It's one thing to see a garment sit on a mannequin, but the real test is to see how it behaves and drapes on the body when in motion. I ended up re-knitting the entire mantle — oi gevault, twice.

It's almost ready for an evening out. I wonder if Gabbie will wear it on on their honeymoon. Brandi is my favorite model, the camera loves her and she knows how to move. As I packed everything up, the shop patron waved me down and mouthed "big girls" to me.

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