Friday, July 17, 2009

Barathyel Bolero: Fit for a Queen

A princess emerged from her Boerum Hill bower. Gabrielle had another dress to try on, but she also had a few more "just in case." More? I didn't ask how many she had, but she said they were returnable. The ivory dress worked well with her Barathyel Bolero. I took a few pre-wedding photos and re-touched them into scenes from LOTR.

Gabbie looks at home in Rivendell, doesn't she?

Wedding plans were still coming together when we met this past Tuesday night for her final fitting. But I think she's more than prepared — she even had back-up jewelry. Gabbie and Paul are lawyers, I wouldn't expect anything less. "Barathyel" is Grey Elvish for Queen. The inspiration for this wedding top came from Galdriel, Queen of Lorien ("Fellowship..."), whose long flowing sleeves capture dream-like movement...

even when just she's standing still scaring the hell out of Frodo. It's obvious Galadriel doesn't do windows, she must have a staff of helper Elves, or some wand of house cleaning.

Gabbie was ecstatic about how well everything came together. She especially loved the sleeves and mantle — they drape like lace curtains over her gown. The flowing bell sleeves are picked up from the cuff and weighted with crocheted silk asters.

The asymmetrical mantle and the sleeves use the same lace pattern, except the mantle is knit on the bias to give it a graceful drape when it's worn open. Her sister Caroline made a Roman pin to close the front — Caroline designs exquisite jewelry. I also made Carolines shrug for her wedding.

Here's Gabbie at the gate of Rivendell overseeing intrepid soujourners and the ring bearer, ciao Frodo.

The sleeves are knit as one piece, from right to left with a continuous fir-cone lace pattern flanked with eyelets. The yarn we chose is Linea Pura "Biosoja" (Buttercream). It's a blend of cotton, bamboo and soy which makes it very breathable and light. It's makes a subtle stridation of cream and ivory. I like the way the soft stripes intersect with the lace.

Even Elron can't take his eyes off her. Get a life buddy! You're about 1000 years way too old for her.

I always think it's funny how a woman will buy an expensive wedding gown but have her back to the guests throughout most of the ceremony. The arrangement of silk Cosmos at the back hem should entertain the guests. They lend an old-world appeal to this very modern bride. I told Gabbie that I can remove them after the wedding and make a keep sake for her.

Saturday July 18, 2009 — today is the big day for Gabrielle and Paul as they exchange vows in upstate New York. It's 72° today and the weather is perfect for a wedding. Good luck Gabbie and Paul, and congratulations!

Source: New Line Cinema, "Fellowship of the Ring"

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gabrielle said...

Tony- these pictures are fantastic. super funny. The shrug was a big hit a the wedding... I got a million compliments...everyone loved it and it worked with the dress beautifully. thank you so much for making something so special!! I will send photos when we get back from argentina...ciao, GG