Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knit PH at Prospect Perk Café, Jan 12, '10

I gave my black round table to Perk last week. It makes more sense in a café since it is in fact a café table. Murat and Ori were glad to take it for the front window.

I hadn't seen Marci in ages. I gave her a warm welcome hug. She is now a converted knitter thanks to the Lisa G. But of course she's still the queen of crochet. She broke our her "Fiona Mohair" scarf. Diana showed us her family calendar with a portrait her grandson proudly wearing the red cardigan she made. Meanwhile she's already started a new one for her other grandson — her own handsome design of course.

Meg made that clever cat hat from the "Stich n' Bitch" collection and moved on to her next project, a new scarf for her father. Dad lost the last one she made, but asked her to make one in more manly colors. Mm hmm. We all agreed that these cherished goods should only be made for someone who will appreciate them, even if they become lost.

Allison is new to the group, so is Suzanne, and Michele. Allison brought a pack of hand-spun in variegated colors. Michele is making her first baby hat and her first scarf.

"They drink a lot of tea" Sarah said. That tea cozy has picked up in momentum, size, and color. It's almost ready to send off to mom and dad.

Silke and Emma handed me their finished granny squares. Suzanne asked what they were for — "Afghans for Afghans charity" I said. "How about Afghans for Suzanne?" she asked jokingly. After 12 years as a producer at Channel 13, Suzanne has joined the league of lay-offs.  There may be a lot of knitting ahead of us in this recession.


knithound brooklyn said...

I wanted to attend but the meeting was "full"! Someday soon, someday...

Eliza said...

so many faces that I don't recognize! I hope to be there on Sunday! Otherwise we're cutting it close with the next Perk meet up... the baby could be here by then!

The Yarn Monkey said...

Hey Lisa, Eliza hope to see you soon. Happy New Year!