Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Moving Experience

Whether from Brooklyn Heights to Prospect Heights or just across the room, Ikea furniture does not travel well. After re-assembling Stephanie's birch cabinet, I loaded it with a few items — CDs, art supplies, a few books. And as I carefully pushed it to its new location, it let out a load squeak, made a moaning sound, then listed at a 10° angle blowing the back out.

I tried to squeeze it back together but the drawers broke away from the tracks as a metal hinge snapped, smacking me in the face with a door. "Death by Ikea" would be an embarrassing way to go. Eventually I rested the wreck against a tower of boxes. The floor was covered with sawdust, particle board, screws, bolts, hinges, veneer strips, CDs. Ikea will not be making furniture for Swedish space travel any time soon. It would implode upon re-entry into earth's atmosphere. On a positive note, we now have more space — and few less CDs to manage.

Otherwise Thursday's move went smoothly — excellent weather, available parking, good timing, planned packing, and a few friends with cars and strong backs. Lisa and Adrianne drove in two shifts. Pat, Ellen, Marlene, Reily, Dave, Deike Steph, and I loaded and unloaded. And of course my best friend Eric drove all the fragile kitchens items and books over the week prior. It's now Saturday, Stephanie and I are still arranging and unpacking. Eventually we'll get to the island of boxes in the living room.

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