Friday, February 26, 2010

Knit PH at Freddy's, Feb. 2, 2010: Casserole Night

Brrrrr. Another snow storm? Enough already! When I think of being trapped in doors on a day like today, I fondly look back at Knitting & Casserole Night at Freddy's bar.

I was a bit late from teaching a class. As I walked in to the crowded back room I heard "Plates? Did you bring the plates?" Yes I did. What a feast, people brought their casseroles, salads, pastas, and breads. My favorite was the classic tuna, the official symbol of Casserole Night.

I made my Uncle Greg's iceberg salad with Thousand Island dressing. It was actually difficult finding iceberg lettuce. Has it really left the American dinner table? I also made smoked pecan pralines instead of bacon bits.

A damp mild winter evening was warmed up over conversation with good friends, a libation, and of course knitting — but nothing completes a hearty meal like a table of sweets. On the desert island Meg brought her chocolate chip-apricot cookies, and Sara made a spiced ginger cake laced in powdered sugar.

We shared the room with the German Language Studies Club. Cathy (far left) also knits. Fraulein Heather brought her vegetarian enchiladas, very good but I would never turn my back on meat. Mariam, also a vegetarian, made something I called veggie duck skin — twice-cooked baby potatoes topped with cheese and pan seared to a perfect crunch.

After dinner team Tutonic went online to read and post CraigsList missed connections in Berlin, assuming a fictional character of course. Somewhere in das Reichstag, a single wealthy blond woman's eyes met with yours — "Cal mich..."

This month we all said goodbye to Naomi, she's moving to Austin Texas. Not wanting to miss this last night, she biked all the down from Greenpoint with her three bean salad.

She finally put the new sleeves on last year's sweater and gave us a parting wave. Aloha Naomi and good luck.

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Eliza said...

fun! I'll have to try to make another casserole night in the future! (I can barely cook dinner for myself these days, let alone a casserole to share...)