Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Knit PH at Prospect Perk Café, Feb. 2, 2010

It didn't snow as reported earlier on the news. We're expecting another winter storm. Brooklyn street soon become gray rivers of sludge. Winter can make owning a car a liability. The other day I heard a woman yelling at a traffic cop for the ticketing a hill of snow — which was her car.

Silke has been working on a baby blanket in warm sepia stripes. It's for her daughter. Sara's tea cozy is coming along, I promised Sara I'd quit asking her if she had sent it to her parents yet.

We hadn't seen Naomi since last year, and this might be her last night with Knit PH. She's moving to Texas. She will be missed.

She finished that Berroco sweater but accidentally felted it leaving the sleeves at three-quarter length. We all pitched in with suggestions. The consensus was to rip out the sleeves out and make new ones instead of adding a long cuff.

I coached Valerie through the granny square pattern. I think we've got this Afghan project is well covered. Mariam showed me off the new hat she crocheted from my old skien of bulky oatmeal colored.

This leftover ball was always a bane to me — not enough for a scarf, a bit too bulky to combine with other yarns, taking up valuable bin space...etc. But I love her hat. This one-skein wonder looks like a classic cartoon bee hive.

Luise is hooked on something interesting, she's crocheting miniature fruit for an craft exchange project. Kiwi, apple, banana, star fruit — each one is less than a half inch in length made with a very fine hook. I wish I had taken better pictures, they did no justice to her fine work.

Eliza's baby is due soon — ETA two weeks? I'm amazed she made it, she said she needed to get out of the house. So far she and Chris haven't settled on a name.

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