Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zuki BlackBerry Caddy

Say hello to Zuki, she’s a cell phone caddy for people who are obsessed with cute. I made her for my new Blackberry Curve — here’s one way to soften the impact of technology.

I used the linen stitch to create a very firm, but flexible fabric. I also finished the trim with a simple crochet border. Zuki is made with ultra soft Misty Alpaca DK, and filled with Azuki Beans — the same beans used to make Red Bean Paste.

She’s handy when recharging my phone or when I have my Blackberry set to alarm clock mode. I like the way her little pink eyes stare back at me when the alarm goes off. I also like squeezing her when I’m on the phone — feels like the best stress ball I’ve ever had.

For most Zuki may not be exceptionally *useful* but she’s packed with Azuki Beans and lots and lots of charm.

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