Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Wombat® — Cool Softwear
for the iPad

My business partner Tom Pope and I have developed a different type of softwear — the Wombat® iPad Pillow, a plush mid-tech accessory for your iPad. This is our working prototype, but of course the final product will not be a hand knit item. BTW, for all you knitters, this is the Linen Stitch.

Wombat® iPad Pillow is adjustable, from a 30° tilt to dead-on flat for working vertically or horizontally. It’s easy on the wrists. It’s not a travel pillow, but it is designed to go from the table to the couch.

Don’t you just want to lay your head down on it? This is the Wombat® at rest. Flip it over, the feet raise it high enough to protect the iPad surface. Remember to flip your iPad screen-side in before you nap.

Soft corners allow you to plug in headphones or other external devices, just peel back. plug in, and play. So while you’re powering up your iPad, play your favorite iTunes and power-down for a quick nap.

We are TomTone Industries, the makers of technology accessories, the Wombat is our first product due out in the fall. And just like our favorite Aussie marsupial, Wombat® iPad Pillow also has a pouch. Isn’t this kick-ass cool?


PCarino said...

Very cool. Was it named after Ross?!

Antonio Limuaco said...

Funny, it does look like Ross!

myMeditation said...