Friday, March 25, 2011

The Woven Stitch and Slipped Moss

The Woven Stitch (a.k.a. fabric, or linen stitch) is one of my favorite knit patterns, and as the name implies it looks exactly like a coarsely woven linen. It’s made by slipping alternate stitches with the yarn stranded across the right-facing side. The woven pattern is then worked syncopated over odd and even rows.

On reverse side is a wonderful Slipped Moss pattern. Although this stitch is not truly a reversible stitch I think both sides are equally handsome.

The Woven Stitch makes a very firm, elastic fabric. It's great for knit projects that require more tensile strength: cushions, jackets, bags, rugs, table runners... etc. It also makes a great ground for floss embroidery. I’m making an iPad pillow.

Swatch up the Woven Stitch with a sport weight yarn on US #6 (4.0 mm) needles and work loosely with an even hand. The woven pattern becomes more apparent after washing and blocking.

To work flat, cast on 21. Start on the wrong side.
(multiples of 2 + 3)
R01: Purl all.
R02: Sl1, (k1, slip 1 with yarn in front ) X9, k2.
R03: Sl2 with yarn behind, (p1, slip 1 with yarn behind) X9, p1
Repeat rows 2 to 3.

To work in the round, cast on 42. Join yarn
R01: Knit all.
R01: Purl all.
R02: (k1, slip 1 with yarn in front ) X21.
R03: (slip 1 with yarn in front, k1 ) X21
Repeat rows 2 to 3.

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