Monday, March 07, 2011

Square Egg in a Round Hole

Square cooking rings: a culinary  oxymoron — I bought two at New York Cake & Baking Distributors the other day. I was actually supposed to have bought vanilla, but got distracted by the shiny isle.

So I made square poached eggs with chives, and home fries for brunch on a sunny Saturday afternoon — two eggs in each ring. I had a set of round rings at one point... lost ‘em between apartment moves. These new rings are much thicker and they distribute heat much better... most of all they just look real cool.

What did we do before these fanciful gadgets? My grandmother used to make her coconut flan in rings that were made from large coffee cans. The bottoms were cut free and the edges were filed smooth. They weren’t as impressive as store bought equipment but they did a nice job.

This was much less effort than poaching eggs in a boiling pot of water and vinegar. For details go to I’m making square coconut flan next time around.

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