Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tostones for Breakfast!

I thought I bought little red bananas the other day. When I sliced one open I could smell the scent of fresh cut grass. As it turns out, I bought a bunch of little red plantains by mistake — lucky me!

Although they look similar plantains are not really bananas, but a close cousin there of. They’re eaten green, or when they turn redish-purple to black. High in starch and low is sugar, they are prepared like a root vegetable... I like mine fried. Tostones are platano chips that are pressed flat and twice-fried, which makes them doubly delicious.

Tostones go with any meal that you’d serve with fries — I made them for breakfast. They aren’t hard to make but there is a little trick to peeling them. Lucky for us, we can find green plantains is most grocery stores, bodegas, and Caribbean markets here in Brooklyn.

You don’t need any fancy equipment — frying pan, sharp knife... if you don't have a tostonera press you can use a the bottom of a coffee mug. For a pictorial how-to and more, visit

Huevos con tostones  — make this for breakfast.

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