Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take a Trip with Travel Peanut

I'm glad I don't have a peanut allergy. How would I have gone through college without peanut butter? I love every manner of peanut — boiled, fried, roasted, salted, spiced with chili and lime. You might say peanuts inspire me.

Phillip the cat likes my new Travel Peanut, but for now it only goes from the couch to the floor, and under a chair. Take this loungey legume along  in a car, on a plane, or a train — it conveniently scrunches down into a bag. Travel Peanut has just the right ergonomic support for your neck, so rest your weary head when you’re on the road.

Now here’s a legume for people with nut allergies. This is two a part pattern: zippered slip case and casing. It makes for easy wear an care if you travel a lot. I want to stuff this pillow with buckwheat hull— imagine how good that would smell when you lay your head down and close your eyes.

My lab assistant, Phillip gave it a thorough road test for durability. He took thoughtful paws... conclusion: he confirmed we have a winner.

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