Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan: Spring Relief 2011

The first day of spring in very near, which means we’ve sprung forward and lost an hour over the weekend. But on the other side of the world people awoke to a much greater loss.

On Friday, March 11, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami left the north eastern coast of Japan in the wake of growing destruction. As more news, photos and videos are made public, they leave me profoundly horrified.

If you are reading this blog entry please follow the news and donate what money you can. The best we can do is keep ourselves aware of the situation and be charitable. Here are some reliable charitable organizations:

Google has created an aggregate resource page for Japanese and English speakers who are searching for friends and family. Visit Google Crisis Response: Japan.

My deepest sympathies lie with friends who have family over seas — as it is a troubling time to be abroad. Mostly, my prayers go out to the people of Japan who must endure the aftermath, a long road lies ahead. In these uncertaiin times I pray for a window of calm. Among the metaphors for flowers, Anemones (or Windflowers) carry deep meaning. Blue Anemones symbolize anticipation.

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