Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feline Finery — A Cat V-neck Vest

Here’s a versatile investment for any cat’s wardrobe: a red cabled V-neck vest. It gives any house cat a smart, clean look for the Holidays. It also hides his cat gut. I wonder where Phillip put his glasses. The collar is set higher into the back. This compensates for the position of his front legs.

The construction of this vest might seem odd to anyone other than a cat. It’s looks more like a backwards A-line shirt. The chest area is shorter than the back, off-setting the neck line farther into the back. The V-neck helps define the front. The armholes are set directly below the chest as opposed to left and right placement to the body. Otherwise the ribbed facings are picked up and knit just as any sweater.

With larger armholes the vest allows Phillip more freedom of movement. He can easily go from destroying the couch to destroying the bed quilt with such ease. 

But how can one keep a cat vest fur-free? I have a feeling one has to accept the improbability.


Ranchnotes said...

Arm holes. That made me laugh. Where can I buy these patterns?

Antonio Limuaco said...

Well, there are other patterns ahead of this one, but maybe this goes into the "His & Hers" category.