Friday, October 14, 2011

Cat Mock Turtle

A woman asked me if I'd make her dog a sweater. I replied no... but... who said I wouldn't make our cat a hand-knit sweater? This jaunty mock turtle suits Phillip the cat just fine. This acrylic cat-casual is based on a raglan construction with the sleeves centered down in the front... or is it the bottom?

When I design a garment I keep body type of the wearer in mind. For Phillip’s sweater, the chest and the elbows are turned for a better fit. It’s made for lounging around on a lazy day, which is what Phillip does on most days. But upon closer observation the waste might be a bit tight or too short, it rides up when he walks. I see a cardigan with pockets in Phillips future.


Ranchnotes said...

It's sublime and ridiculous in it's beauty and construction. Bravo maestro! Bravo Phillipe!

Antonio Limuaco said...

He's a good sport, no?