Monday, June 11, 2012

A Night Under the Stars

I went to a class reunion although it wasn’t mine. Stephanie and Sonya went to their Columbia University class reunion. I had a reunion with Jim, her husband, and the twins, Otto and Marta. I did join everyone on Saturday for an evening under the stars. As demonstrated in these photos,  evening galas with swing music always resemble that capsized scene from the nautical disaster movie “The Poseidon Adventure.”

We had such a great time on Saturday. The mini heatwave broke giving us a delightfully cool evening. The kids found a playmate, a woman who sat near us entertained them with stories. Marta shared her gummy Bears in exchange for the glitter stickers that she gave them, Otto danced for her. We slit a six-pack on Columbia’s library steps, sitting above the main event. This was a much more pleasant experience and better way to catch up with friends... until the guard took our beer away. At a certain age saying “Oh, you mean this beer?” doesn’t work as well.

The night before, on Friday, I joined Jim and the kids for pizza and calamari at V & T. “I didn’t recognize you, you’ve changed quite a bit.” said Otto. Maybe it was the glasses and the  Memorial Day sun burn? While Steph and Sonya attended first night of the reunion, Jim and I caught up. His novel “Victims of Circumstance” is on Amazon, and sales are moving along. Sonya’s job as a foreign diplomat is taking them to Mexico this summer. The kids didn't seem to excited about it. We have an open invite to the Yucatan.

I told Jim about my iBook/applt project: “Kimcheelicious—A Korean Pickle for the American Table and Grill.” Jim loves Korean food, he worked as a correspond in Korea and misses all that delicious food that one generally can’t get unless you are totally in with a Korean family. I’ve been working on my launch... so much to do. He told me that the kids still love that funny backpack I made for their stuffed moose when we paid them a visit up in Maine. They never mention Mr. Magic Lamprey though, not a good kid toy.

Otto entertained us with riddles such as “What has many branches and leaves but no bark?” My answer was “our congress” but the real answer was “a library.” Marta picked her head up from her Kindle and proclaimed “This is the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my life!” I said “Tell me that when you come back from Mexico.” Crankiness meant bed time and our evening was coming to an end.

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