Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You Kimcheelicious?

Kkakdugi: pickled Korean radish salad
I haven’t blogged in a while. Someone even messaged me and asked if all was OK. I’ve been busy exploring a  healthy obsession: Kimchi. I’ve become quite the fermenteur. Kimcheelicious is a project that I’ve been developing—soon to launch as a Kickstarter campaign. Side dish or part of the main meal—my mission is to explore and document ways of making this Korean pickle a part of the American table and grill.

Kimchi meatball stuffed dumpling

Veggie dumplings made with shitake mushrooms and pickled radish
Kimchee is the unofficial Western spelling, as opposed to kim chi (김치). My Kimcheelicious project will not convert the un-converted but it will give those who appreciate it’s complex flavor more ways of enjoying and sharing a meal. Aside from varying degrees of spice, Kimchi has a deep savory complex flavor that some call it “umami.”

Lion's Head, a large meatballs stuffed with a kimchi meatball
I’ve been making great meals with my kimchi I’ve made. Aside from traditional BBQ Beef and dumplings I’ve made stuffed meatballs (Lion’s Head), pork sliders, grilled kim-cheese sandwiches, seafood stews, patty melts, pork fajitas... you get the idea. Kimchi it already on the American table and grill.

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef) cheese steaks

Mushroom omelet with kichi and tortillas
Grilled kim-cheese sanwich

Bok choi and Napa after brining
Kimchi and other fermented foods have been touted as some of the most healthy foods one can have in their diet. These foods restores probiotics into our digestive system, and through the process of fermentation makes other nutrients and vitamins more available. But I just like the way it tastes.

My goal is create an app and a series of iBooks that you can call up in the kitchen on an iPad. I’ll be hosting some tasting to promote Kimcheelicious before I launch my Kickstarter campaign to raise angel capital. For now you can follow me at http://www.facebook.com/Kimcheelicious, and http://kimcheelicious.tumblr.com. The website will be up soon... meanwhile back to the knitting.

Chili paste, carrots, radish, scallions and Napa cabbage

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