Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mancho-rian Candidate

Fashion Week New York left its Fall 2008 forecast this February. Someone pointed out that I missed it. I briefly attended the first and less organized incarnation when the publishing company where I worked was across from Bryant Park. The event looked like Wigstock — models running about in full kabuki. A frantic man in black mistakenly walked into our office and asked if anyone knew where Betsy went. He flung his camera over his shoulder, turned and said "Tsk, oh you wouldn't know" and left. I imagine he also inquired about his friend at the General Contractors next door and was stabbed in the chest with his own camera.

left to right: Clint Eastwood, "The Man with No Name"; Missoni, Fall 2007

So, as New York Fashion Week 2008 sauntered away, it foretold of a more youthful Goth world— where play is the new work and plaid is the new stripe. Cardigans are hot. New on the horizon, men's accessories like this men's short button scarf (inset). Gone for good, the Mancho. The photo above demonstrates that the man-pancho only works in the movies — and only if you carry a big gun. And yet I saw a one at the Canal Street stop just today. Or was that a man at all? Hmm. He was just plain creeeepy! I tried not to make eye contact, but it was like trying to ignore a theatrical train weck. I guess they're warm and comfortable, but so is a down quilt — and except for a few homeless people, you don't often see that slinking it's way up the platform. But just as earth shoes and clogs have resurface, I'm sure the mancho will rear it's wooly head once more. When apes rule the planet.

Elle Magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, reported that "grey is the new black" again and neutrals are big for fall 2008. The color grey is also historically linked with signs of economic recession — I learned that at Money Magazine. According to a few fashionista friends, neutral colors reveal much about a man —where as colors compensate. Charcoal is known as the bachelor's color — pensive and cagey. Light grey mean business. Camel and stone are worn by the trustworthy man, and ecrue by the old-fashioned boy. Black completes the somber man, it's the thinking man's color. I always figured that if I wore enough gray the world would catch up to me. I'm still waiting for a receding hairline and being slightly out of shape to work in my favor.

If Pictures Could Talk...

1. I LOVE my bath mat!
2. Skittles are the new black.
3. The Mancho-rian Candidate.
4. Braille Chic at Fashion Week.
5. I'm coo-coo for Fruity Puffs!
6. Squint. You'll see Che Guevara's
face on my left shoulder.

7. Chuck Close, but no cigar.
8. I can land this plane myself.
9. I'm here for the "Godspell" audition.
10. Hobbits rarely leave the shire.


Eliza said...

If grey is the new black AGAIN, maybe black was the new grey last time?? Clearly there is no logic to this game.

The Yarn Monkey said...

This year's grey is the same sweater from 1992 in this apartment.