Friday, February 08, 2008

Knit PH at Maha's: Feb. 6, 2008

I had a nose bleed this morning, it looked like a crime scene in my bathroom sink. I imagined being lead away in handcuffs explaining "No it's just a combintation of dry apartment heat, smoking, and Nicorette™ gum! I'm innocent I tell you!"

It was a warm Wednesday evening at Maha's — fall weather in February, high of 68 degrees. Archie is working on a pie-shaped baby blanket for a friend's new daughter. He's been very involved with the Park Slope Knitting Circle since he's taken the group over. Where does that man get the energy? The PSKC group has been participating in hospital charities, like knitting for cancer patients. Meanwhile from our Knit PH group, Emily, Tomo, and I entered Diorama Lodge this past Tuesday. We didn't win but we sure kicked some shoebox-ass.

Leslie, one of my students showed up. I teased her about crossing Flatbush from the Slope. Then she teased me about calling her Leslie since her name is Lisa and she's only been attending my classes now for two years now. Touché Lisa, touché. She brought in her Cobble Stone sweater, a very smart design by Jarret Flood (Interweave Knits, Fall/Winter Issue). She did a great job on the short-row yoke, with a few loose "turns". Eliza said that one of her officemates has been calling her Lisa for years even though she's corrected her on numerous occasions. Eliza has started playing around with the spinning wheel that she bought from Jane. Tomo spins too, she said that Jane probably upgraded to a wheel with more plying capabilities. I find it all fascinating— that's like making your own sand.

Tomo made a gift bag to raffle at Perk next week for Valetine's Day. This is much better than the canned ham I give away on karaoke night. She worked on a beautiful pair of lace socks. Mariel was in mid-sock too using yarn she dyed with Jello in her microwave. I was impressed with how bright the colors were — variegated Lemon Parfait and Tangerine. Tomo and Eliza said they'd like to try dying dyeing with Jello. I have silk dyes to give them from a silk screen project, NOT good for small apartments. The topic of Webb's keeps coming up. I've never been to their ginormous year-end yarn sale. Urban legend tells of people showing up with large construction-grade bags and "helpers". Instead I have a growing collection magentic clasps and skull bead. Emily finished up another short buttoned scarf, it's a great quick gift for demanding officemates. She better be making out well with the office loot.

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