Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Knit PH at Maha's: March 03, '08

The price of a pizza went up due to a US flour shortage. The $2 slice is now $3. According to news, the price hikes are due to farmers growing more corn for ethanol production instead of wheat for food. I blame corn and Bush. We live in stupid times don't we — property values have soared beyond what most people earn and at the same time that makret is collapsing at a dire rate. The job market is weak but Bush proclaims our economy is strong. What does it all mean?

Meanwhile at Maha's, Archie's baby blanket, keeps growing bigger — it must be about three feet in diameter by now. He's going to finish the edge with an attached I-chord. Marci started a small stuffed dog for one of her illustrators, she's a pro at the hook. Marci designs children's books. Tomo started a new pair of Kool Aid dyed socks. But she has a much bigger project due at the end of the March: a room that is entirely knit from the walls to the table. That makes turning a sock heel seem much easier. Hana popped in for a bite and a sock. Am I the only person not into making socks? They are beautiful though. I'd be afraid of ripping a hole in them.

Our usual Wednesday crowd is small but cozy. I tend to like the smaller groups though. I can hold a conversation and work. The larger groups are fun, but they are more about social networking and sharing ideas. Emily brought her Stitch N' Bitch fingerless mitts for show 'n' tell. I brought in swatch work for Dan's red shirt. I notice that I get a differnt gauge on the weekend than I do during the week. The conversation revolved mostly around food. I had an extra helping of roasted cauliflower with my dinner. Emily said that she made it at home the way Maha told her: tossed with olive oil and salt, roasted for 20 minutes, finsihed with a squeeze of lemon. It's hard to belive that something so simple could be so satisfying. Meghan told us about a kale omelette dish that her mother makes — the kale and onions are seared til they're black. I love winter kale, it's has a complicated sweet and savory flavor. If bacon were a vegetable is would be kale. Meghan was just about to finish the collar on her shrug, but ran short on yarn. I always get one more skein just in case. Her re-order is in the mail. I gave her some bind-off tips.

Spring is around the corner and soon Knit PH will take it's usual summer break. We regroup in the fall. I called the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last week about hosting an ocassional knitting circle. They suggested the free Sunday mornings in the Cherry Espanade. Not a bad idea for a few summer reunions.

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