Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock Star Wedding

WARNING: VK found errata in my shrug pattern. I'll post corrections shortly. Hang in there people!

I was out buying more cotton/wool for my Baja beach jacket at Stitch Therapy when Maxcine said "Oh, your magazine is in." Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer '08 is finally out on stands! This looks better than I remember — the knit version of Caroline's wedding shrug. Albeit, a stylist and hot-chick model defintely help. I jokingly told Maxcine that I'd sign a few copies for her — "but keep it hush". Some Ravelry.com folks were asking about the pattern, I suppose I should e-mail them. For an intermediate knitter it should take 15 to 18 hours and two packs of cigarettes (not all in one sitting). Silk lace makes for slow knitting — tip: support your work on a table so that the yarn (or you) will not stress. To get a true gauge with Tilli Tomas "Rock Star", be sure to wash and block your swatch. This lace shrug is made by knitting two sleeves that are then sewn together at the back. The back panel is picked up and knit down with a series of decreases. The over sized cuffs were based on an Irish antimacaser pattern that I found. A structural band is picked up from the neckline around back. The hyperbolic rose on the back is optional, but I does finish off the garment. For those who are interested I'm on feature opening spread 76-77.

I also just found out that this was Adina Klein's last issue as ME at VK. It's a shame, I thought she really brought innovation to Soho Publications. This publication is beautiful from cover to cover. As I look through the wedding section and ponder, I seem to know more people getting/going through a divorce. That makes me look like a non-committal superhero! I predict the next hot trends will be the easy-knit "That SOB's Finally Gone" shawl, the top-down "I'm Now Availalble" sport pullover, and the fully-frogged "You're F*****' Outta Here" watchman's cap/mop head attachment.

Meanwhile I have to get back to my book proposals this weekend (swatching, washing, blocking, swatching, writing, blocking again, smoking). I think my knit stuffs clever, but how do I convince a publishing company that I'm the best thing since the frozen yogurt 6-pack? Next week I'm in a shoot for the "Knitting For Dummies" video pilot (Wiley & Sons). I'll be known as "that ethinic guy #3". What should I do about that massive paper cut on my knuckle? Short of jumping naked out of a large cake, I'll do almost anything to push a book proposal. I better get started on those sit-ups, there may be a lot of naked cake-jumping involved.


Eliza said...

This is all so exciting! I'll be watching you to see how it's done! The shrug is gorgeous! One good reason to by that zine (which I never have really looked at).

The Yarn Monkey said...

Thanks Eliza. How's Germany? The Freddy's group asked about you.

rayray said...

wow nice shrug!! :) (this is mrsrayray from ravelry) :) the pattern requires two packs of cig's eh? :D

The Yarn Monkey said...

Yo upstate! Smoking is optional. I went back to smoking to break my gum addiction.

rayray said...

geez i'd love to have a cigarette. :) unfortunately i've got a baby and i'm nursing her, so what i take in, she gets. :p in a few months, however.... ;D

knithound bkln said...

Hey Yarn Monkey
Nice job on the wedding shrug!!! It's gorgeous.