Monday, April 14, 2008

Knit PH at Perk: April 10, 2008

We've had some warm days and night lately. It's not officially spring yet but my freind Ellen's Star Magnolia tells anther story. I pruned the tree in her front yard two years ago to to revive it's bloom. Another sign of spring is the Freddy's v. O'Connors softball game. It's almost time to dust off the mascots (below) and get in shape. Over a beer I told teammate Jim that I bought a cup. He laughed at me and said "Geek! No one wears a cup on our team!" I stopped myself before I told him it was a two-for-one special.

Most people are shocked into quitting smoking for health reasons or fear of cancer, I was inpired by something else, my March Amex bill. I bought 47 packs of Marlboro Lights at $7.30 each — the total: $343.10! I was horrified. When do I spend $300 on myself? It's now been four days and five cigarettes since I bought a box set of NicoDerm CQ, Step 2. Cost: $47 for a two-week set. My cheapness factor just might be the hero in this health segment. In a shocked but celebratory mood, I decided I'd occupy my time by learning how to really use my camera, the Canon Rebel XT 350D. I've re-read the entire manual and bought me a how-to book — this one has pictures. I've primarily relied on knowledgeable strangers, daylight settings, and pure luck.

At this month's Knit PH at Perk we had some visitors. Lisa's husband stopped by with Lola (inset: coonhound) and Rudy (above: bassett hound). Lisa's husband is a photographer, he gave me some quick tips on shooting: "Use the green button. THE GREEEEEEN BUTTON!" It was an evening of pressed sandwiches and late winter goods at Prospect Perk. Mike was working on a popular sock pattern from Knitty called "Hedera". He's already made socks for his wife, she showed them off at a family event. Tomo had her green Shi Bui socks as well as her tamarind-colored Jello socks. Her "Knitted Room" project went well, I told her to send me picutres. Archie showed up with new member Diana, an admited craft-addict-latina-hippie-mom from Bensonhurst. Marina hasn't been by in a while so she biked over, arm warmers in tow. We had a shawl corner: Tracey was halfway through her shawl, as was Marci, meanwhile Patty was proofing a shawl pattern for the shop.

Patty mentioned that the zoo will be having a spring sheep shearing demonstration. Lisa reported an article from the New York Times about spring sheep shearing in Montana and New Zealand. It pays about $80 per hour. Patty admitted she hated sheep, I'm not into the idea myself. They do smell mighty bhahahahaad. Archie asked why I've never charged for the knitting circles. registry costs $140 a year. I don't want cost to be an issue with a small seasonal group. But it has grown quite a bit to over 132 members, over four seasons. Maybe I should shear some sheep for a few hours. I'll consider a collection for this fall.

A wooly critical mass gathered, so it was time to make a group decision about expanding Knit PH into summer. I got an enthusiastic "YES". Starting in 2008, Knit PH will be taking a summer break from Maha's and the Perk until the fall. We still have to keep the Freddy's slot otherwise we'd lose the calendar date. I received confirmation that we can use the Brooklyn Museum sculpture garden and the picnic house in Prospect Park. These are both FREE and have decent bathroom facilities. Archie had a great idea about organizing a big Park Slope/Prospect Heights BBQ/knit. He suggested knitting a balloon to mark our territory — I'm sure this will scare off bees, errant spinners and stray weavers. Tomo and Marci suggested a yarn trade, I suggested book loans. A few people have already responded to help organize.

The great urban outdoors, good friends, late summer sunsets, the enticing smell of grilled food, dogs, children, music — all we'll need now is cooperative weather. I'm reminded of the family that was killed by lightning in Propsect Park when they ran under a large tree during a freak storm.

9:00 PM came quickly, we packed up and moved outside as Prospect Perk owner, Murat, started cleaning up and bringing in the benches. Archie, Tracey and I waited with Diana until her husband arrived with her daughter. By a total coincidence, he works at the museum. He said he overheard the events coordinator (Beverly), speaking with some guy (me) about a knitting circle at the museum. I told him to put in a good word for us. I'd like to one day knit indoors at the Auguste Rodin room. "The Thinker" could use a cardigan. No?


Eliza said...

looking forward to rejoining you guys! I can't believe MeetUp costs so much. Isn't there a cheaper option?

The Yarn Monkey said...

Summer will be fun. The thought of knitting outside is appealing, my version of KIP is subway knitting. I like Archie's idea bout the big BBQ.

But if someone had an open roof top, that would be super.